I will keep this page updated as I learn about and try new tech tools. Please be sure to check back often, as I'm just getting this page started and will be adding many tools in the weeks to come as I compile them from all of the places I have been storing them.

You can always view my online bookmarks if you would like to browse and make new discoveries on your own!

Each tool is linked to the website or if I have written a review, there is a link to that. If you have any suggestions for additions to this list or if you have a different experience with one that is on the list that you would like to share, please be sure to contact me.

Discussion/Classroom Response

Socrative - classroom response system

Soapbox - classroom discussion/response system


Skype in the Classroom: Read this article for an example of how it is used in our school.

Stixy - Online bulletin board. I prefer this over Wallwisher because it has more features and is more dependable.

Twitter - This link is to an article I wrote with basic guidelines for educators when they begin using Twitter.

Dropbox and DropitTome - online file sharing

Media Tools

FotoFlexer - free, online photo-editing.

Virtual Field Trips

Google Art Project - art museums around the world


Simplified Method for Mole Conversions - I created this video for my virtual Chemistry students a few years ago and it has become helpful to many. This is for that student who is getting hung up on dimensional analysis and who is not planning on continuing the study of Chemistry in college. It is a simplified method for performing calculations involving the mole.


Heads Up - Toyota Teen Driver online distracted driving simulation.

Social Media

Fake iPhone Text - this tool utilizes the favorite pastime of students to assess understanding.

Facebook templates - If your district doesn't allow Facebook in class, use one of these templates!

Miscellaneous Information

Copyright 101 for Educators

Five cool tools I discovered without going to NECC

Top five free technology tools for the classroom